Various Job Opportunities In The Armored Truck Field

If you are looking for armored truck jobs, there are a variety of positions available for qualified individuals. These jobs are available all over the country and drivers of armored trucks are responsible primarily for the transportation of large amounts of money, in the form of cash, coins, or checks as well as items with a high cash value, from one location to another, usually involving ATMs, banks, and businesses.

Armored Truck Driver

An armored truck job as a security driver is a part time or full time position that provides transportation of the valuables of customers by either picking them up or delivering them. These jobs often require applicants to be 21 years old at minimum and drivers must be able to lift at least fifty pounds, and to have clean driving records and employment histories. These jobs often also require a weapons permit and sometimes offer the opportunity to travel nationally and even internationally.

Security Driver

A position as a security driver includes driving an armored truck as a method of transportation to executives, dignitaries, political figures, and other high-risk individuals. Employees in this position are responsible for ensuring that these individuals are transported safely while having a background in defensive and evasive driving skills. Applicants should also know how to respond to medical emergencies and possess good communication skills.

ATM Driver

Another armored truck job is driving an armored truck that empties and refills ATMs at various locations, especially banks. These drivers must have good mathematics skills and a weapons permit as they will be carrying a gun. The driver, usually accompanied by a partner, called a messenger, will usually also be required to keep log of deliveries and maintain communication with other drivers via radio while driving and making deliveries.
Armored Truck Technician

Armored truck technicians are responsible for repair, maintenance, and inspection of all armored vehicles for the company that employs them. This also includes maintaining parts inventory as well as performing preventative maintenance. Individuals in this position must meet certain qualifications like a background in maintaining heavy duty vehicles as well as a good driving record and the ability to lift fifty or more pounds.

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Armored Truck Courier

Armored truck couriers, sometimes called messengers, will usually ride along with drivers to pick up and deliver valuable goods and money from clients. Although they won't be driving, these couriers must also be able to operate the armored truck and are required to have a clean criminal history and riving record and the ability to lift up to fifty pounds. Couriers must also possess good communication skills as they often deal with clients directly.

There are several different jobs in the armored truck industry to fit many interests. Whether your strength is in driving, mechanics, or communication, and you meet the requirements, you can find a job suited to your interest and prior experience. Armored truck jobs are available all over the country to qualified individuals who are interested in a job in the field of security.
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